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The Saint Mary's University Alumni Office is always trying to get groups of alumni back together. If you were involved in an athletics team, a society, student government or in other academic activities we'd like to hear about it! Please list the activities you were involved with while at Saint Mary's University and the years you were involved in them.

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If there's one thing we know here at the Alumni Office is that our Alumni often go on to do many amazing things. We're always trying to collect and gather stories of the many accomplishments or activities of our Alumni. Have you done anything amazing since you graduated from Saint Mary's University. Have you founded a charity, broke a world record, published a book, been elected to government or do you have a really cool hobby? It doesn't have to be anything that big but if you have done something interesting please let us know. We'd love to hear about it. If not just click connected and you're all done!


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